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Decision expected on Plainfield Police Captain’s job after controversial comments

PLAINFIELD, Ind. – On Thursday, Plainfield’s Board of Police Commissioners is expected to decide whether a police captain will keep her job.

Captain Carri Weber was put on administrative leave on Nov 16 for making comments that some say are “derogatory, racist, sexist and bigoted.”

The comments were made during a training session when discussing interactions between transgender people and police.

When a colleague of Weber said he didn't understand a statistic, Weber responded, “You wouldn't with your white male privilege.”

A complaint was filed over those comments, and on Thursday night, she’ll learn if she’ll keep her job.

The local group ‘Don’t Sleep’ is asking people to attend this meeting.

Their Facebook invite reads that they support the Plainfield Police Department’s acknowledgement that racial bias “permeates the police departments nationwide.”

They further write, “..we want to send a very clear message that denying the existence of white privilege is no longer an option..” and “..police departments should create a culture of being able to acknowledge when an officer might not be recognizing it.”

In its own Facebook post, the Plainfield Police Department writes, in part, “The Town of Plainfield is proud to be an inclusive community and hopes the resolution of this matter reflects our community values.”

Thursday’s meeting starts at 6 p.m. at the Plainfield Police Headquarters on Main St.

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