Bus stop left in the dark and at a dead end asks CBS4 Problem Solvers for help

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Parents along Russell Lane called CBS4’s Problem Solvers, concerned over a lack of light at the nearby bus stop.

Barbara Jones described how it was still dark when her youngest children walked to the corner to catch their school bus. She would use a flashlight to escort them down the dead end street to Morgantown Road, where they would stand until the bus arrived. Once the kids were there, cars whizzed past them at high speeds. CBS4 was there as one vehicle ignored and sped past the bus’s stop sign.

“It’s too dark,” Jones said. “With no light, I’m terrified. Somebody is going to get hurt.”

At the time, there was only one street light glowing along Russell Lane. Jones said she had reached out to the school district for help but didn’t get a response. She asked Duke Energy, but the company told her there were no plans to add any more street lights in that area.

“What do I do?” she asked.

That’s when Jones contacted CBS4.

Duke Energy said any one of their customers can request more lighting. As long as someone is willing to pay for the installation and maintenance, the company will do the work.

“It costs about $12 a month,” Lew Middleton explained. “The lights have to be paid for in some way.”

Jones was happy to pay the extra cost in order to keep her little ones safe. Within a week, Duke Energy met with her and installed a new street light near the bus stop.

Center Grove School District--which said there was nothing it could do about the lighting--reminded high school drivers to slow down. Officials told bus drivers to turn on their interior lights so that the vehicles would be more visible while picking up students.

Days later, a district spokesperson told Jones they were changing the bus route so that her children wouldn’t have to cross Morgantown Road in the dark.