Man in custody after SWAT situation in Beech Grove

BEECH GROVE, Ind. – Police say a wanted man is behind bars after a two-hour standoff in Beech Grove Tuesday morning.

According to Beech Grove police, officers responded to a disturbance at a home on East Bellefontaine involving Shawn Yockey, 32, who was wanted on a parole violation in connection with a previous robbery. The call about the disturbance came in around 8:10 a.m. The situation was resolved by about 10:30 a.m., police said.

Yockey lives with his mother, who was also in the house along with Yockey’s 4-year-old nephew. Police said some friends or associates of Yockey came to the home to pick up some property, but Yockey resisted.

“There was also word from the people involved in this disturbance that he would have a knife and perhaps a BB gun, but that it looked real,” said Beech Grove Police Captain Robert Mercuri.

A police officer is seen from a nearby business window during the Tuesday morning standoff.

Officers from the Beech Grove Police Department and IMPD SWAT responded to the home and began hostage negotiations. Police cars lined the street as nearby businesses and homes were evacuated or told to shelter in place.

“South Emerson Avenue was blocked,” Mercuri said.  “We evacuated the neighbors next door, the businesses next door.  As many people as we could.”

Police had information that Yockey may have been involved with a previous burglary in which some weapons were stolen—prompting them to proceed with caution during the standoff.

Kenny Westell, who owns Katalyst Corporation next door to the house, said officers told him to stay inside and used his picnic table as a staging area to see over a fence.  Westell watched as officers stood on his picnic table in order to train their guns on the house.

“And they were just asking him to come out, lay down and just give up,” Westell said.  “That they were surrounded.”

Yockey eventually came out of the home holding his nephew and surrendered.

DCS took the little boy into custody while Yockey was taken to jail.  Charges against Yockey are pending.