Indiana board of education to vote on new requirements for high school students

File photo

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Wednesday, the Indiana State Board of Education will meet to vote on new requirements for students to graduate from high school.

The board met Tuesday to discuss the recommendations, which were approved by a special panel in early November.

One of the requirements would be to demonstrate employability. Getting an after school job would check that off the list.

Students would also have to show they’re ready for post-secondary life by taking the SAT or getting an industry certificate.

Students will still have to meet the current high school diploma standards.

At least one school superintendent is urging the board not to approve the requirements. Jeffrey K. Butts, Ph.D of Wayne Township says he’s worried about how it will affect students.

“Unfortunately, I have grave concerns with the recommendations that are being presented for discussion on December 5 and for your consideration on December 6,” said Butts in a letter to the board. “The process has been discouraging.  I can’t say with any certainty how these components became part of the recommendation before you.”

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