Jeff Glor, the new anchor of CBS Evening News, has central Indiana ties

Jeff Glor may not be a household name, at least not yet, but he is already familiar to CBS viewers after covering virtually every major news story that’s broken recently.

Glor’s profile is about to get much higher as he takes the anchor chair of the CBS Evening News. It’s his biggest professional challenge and it comes as a challenging time for the media, amid headlines of sexual misconduct and so-called “fake news.”

“I think we do the best job we can every single day. I don’t have an agenda when it comes to the news. If you have an agenda, you don’t belong I in this business,” said Glor.

Jeff Glor grew up outside of Buffalo, New York. But his family roots now stretch to central Indiana, thanks to someone who’s his biggest fan. Bruce Glor is Jeff’s Dad. He lives in Fishers and works downtown in the financial business. Like any father, he has a strong opinion of his son.

"He doesn't have a big ego. He treats everybody fairly, he's just a great guy and that is what you see on TV is what you get," said Bruce.

In fact, Bruce Glor was one of the first to know about Jeff’s promotion. He was sworn to secrecy along with Jeff’s mother.

"I told them what was going to happen. I basically told them they couldn't say anything. My parents are not together, my father lives in Fishers and my Mom lives in Buffalo and so they called each other to talk because they couldn't talk to anyone else."

Jeff Glor will become the anchor of the longest running network newscast on television, sitting in a chair once occupied by Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather. But if he follows his father’s advice, he will quickly make the broadcast his own.

"He said, ‘Gee Dad this is where Walter Cronkite sat’ and I said ‘yeah, that's great but you gotta put your own stamp on it. This is you now,’” said Bruce.

Glor will need that confidence as he takes one of the most high profile jobs in his industry. It’s an opportunity he relishes.

"If we do our job in the fairest and most accurate way possible, I think they'll find us and respect what we do.”

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