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Turning colder next week; Snow may impact how cold it gets

Chatter is getting louder about cold air finding its way to Indiana.  Long range computer models suggest the air comes in behind a cold front that passes through central Indiana Tuesday.

Long range computer models suggest cold air plunges in to the Midwest late next week.

Wednesday will be cooler but data suggests Thursday will be even cooler with highs only in the 20°s – even a few snow showers could fly in the air.

While data suggests Arctic air will move in to the state, there are a few things going on which could have an impact on just how cold it could get.


There is a lack of snow coverage across the continental United States.  Only 7.6% of the CONUS is covered by snow as of this morning’s analysis.  Is that low?  It sure does appear that way.  It is the lowest amount of coverage for this date in fourteen years – since records have been kept.

National Snow Cover Analysis – November 30, 2017

When cold air migrates south out of the Arctic the air is able to remain “cooled” by the snow pack the air is traveling over.  Typically snow is on the ground further south, so the air is able to stay cooler for a longer period of time.

With a lack in snow coverage, I am curious to see if the air, while still cooler than what we’ve experienced in recent days, will be slightly warmed as it moves over bare ground, prior to reaching Indiana.  Stay tuned!

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