Police in Anderson investigating possible dog mutilation cases

ANDERSON, Ind. – The Anderson Police Department is investigating the deaths of two dogs that someone may be responsible for.

Mandy Darling and her family found their 12-year-old chocolate lab, Charlie, last Tuesday morning outside their home severely injured.

“I couldn’t believe it. I started getting other people up in the house. We didn’t know what to do. We (were) like, “Wow! How could this even happen?” Darling said.

A vet recommended the family put the dog the down and take it to experts at Purdue for an necropsy.

The necropsy report found the dog had its tail skinned and three of its paws amputated.

“I’m hoping by getting the word out maybe somebody will come forward and let us know who is doing this or eventually someone will catch somebody doing it,” Darling said.

Anderson Police detectives talked with Darling and her family Thursday about their dog’s death as they investigate its ties to another dead dog in the area.

This week, Anderson Animal Control removed a dog from somebody nearby railroad tracks that had its head chopped off.

“To say maybe someone is killing dogs, that’s a possibility,” Anderson Police Department Major Joel Sandefur said. “All things are possible, but to say, ‘this is what’s happening,’ we’re not going to say that that’s the case because we don’t see evidence of that.”

Sandefur added the investigation is ongoing.

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