Kokomo students suspended, staff member facing termination after video shows racial slur

KOKOMO, Ind. - A racial slur was displayed on a screen as a video shows a Kokomo High School staff member laughing at the image with another student.

Now, that staff member is facing termination and two students have been suspended.

The student who recorded the racial slur on the screen says she was infuriated by the staff member and students actions, but she also got in trouble.

The student posted the video to Twitter. It shows a student and a paraprofessional pointing and laughing at a computer screen that shows the n-word with one letter missing like in a game of hangman.

We talked to the student who took the video.

She told us via phone that the video was taken during study period. The student says the staff member was laughing as he told her and another African American student to look at the screen.

She immediately started recording. She later posted the video with the caption, "I don't know I just don't find this funny at all." The post has been shared and liked more than 400 times since Wednesday. In the post, the students also says she was suspended for two days.

Kokomo schools released a statement saying the student was suspended for violating a policy that states you can't record people without permission.

An online petition has been started to get the student's suspension lifted and off her record. It has nearly 400 signatures. School officials say the student in the video was disciplined for the disruptive act. And the staff member has been has been notified of his pending termination.

Kokomo High School Principal Angela Blessing sent a statement to staff and students that reads in part:

“Discrimination in any form is unconscionable and will not be tolerated at Kokomo High School. I am proud of our students and staff who work to create an inclusive and welcoming school environment at KHS. We will continue our work to reinforce our expectations about mutual respect among our diverse student body.”

A decision surrounding the staff member's termination will be made at a school board meeting Monday.

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