Family says 11-year-old boy who reportedly killed his brother is a loving but troubled child

KOKOMO, Ind. – An 11-year-old boy is being detained after police say he shot and killed a family member inside of their Kokomo home.

“My youngest son shot my oldest son,” said the boy’s mother in a call to 911.

The call came to police after an 11-year-old boy shot his 28-year-old brother Randall Rogers in the head.

“Please hurry! He is not going to make it,” said the mother.

The shooting happened on Wednesday afternoon in the 5200 block of Ojibway Drive. Neighbors tell us they did not hear the gunshot but say they saw police officers surrounding the home.

“A cop came up and pulled out his gun and went up to the house,” said neighbor Steve Jones.

Minutes later the child was taken out of the home by police. Family members say the child loved his brother and say the child did not mean to hurt him.

“I heard him say mommy I do not want to go to jail,” said Jones.

Family members tell me the 11-year-old has autism and say he is a loving child and had a very special bond with his brother, who is now gone.

“I pray for the family. This is a very tragic situation,” said neighbor Ronald Ewing.

The family tells us they are heartbroken and are asking for privacy and prayers at this time.

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