Thousands of dollars being spent to attract millennials to Greenfield

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A central Indiana city is investing thousands of dollars to attract young people to the area.

“How do we attract and keep talent? How do we keep younger millennials and how do we get them to want to stay here,” said Greenfield Mayor Chuck Fewell.

It is a question that Mayor Fewell has been thinking about for years. How can his small city in Hancock County become the place to live for the bright and talented 20-somethings in central Indiana?

“I do not have mountains and I do not have a beach, so I have to find a way of attracting young and quality people to live in Greenfield, Indiana,” said Mayor Fewell.

Right now, the four-year mayor is working to rebrand his city. Greenfield has teamed up with community organizations like the Greenfield School Corp. and Hancock Regional Hospital to hire a firm to help attract millennials to their city. The firm was not paid with taxpayer money.

“We are going to spend anywhere from $80K to $100K to do this project,” said Mayor Fewell.

The City of Greenfield also added 14 high school seniors to the newly formed mayor's youth council. Those students told the city they would want to see more shops, restaurants and trails in the area if they would continue to call Greenfield home.

“Go away to college, get an education, then come back and live and work in the city,” said Mayor Fewell.

The City of Greenfield has around 22,000 residents and counting. That growth comes with more industry moving in, which brings jobs and dozens of people who will call Greenfield home.

“It is about 20 minutes from Greenfield to downtown Indianapolis, which is an asset. You can live here, it is safe, clean and a great city,” said Mayor Fewell.

This plan is in the early stages right now, but the mayor tells us the rebranding has already started.

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