Thieves target cars in south side church parking lot

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Officials at the Southport Presbyterian Church say their parking lot has become a target for thieves.

Twice in the last three weeks officials say thieves stole the wheels off cars parked in their lot. One incident happened at night during a bible study, the other during an 11am service last Sunday.

“We’ve captured it on video so we know what the people look like, what they’re driving. It was the same people both times,” executive director of operations Ron Davault said.

Davault says both times the thieves targeted large SUV’s like Tahoes or Suburbans. He says detectives have said that similar incidents have also occurred in the area surrounding the church.

“I guess the thing that’s surprising is they’re doing this in broad daylight,” he said.

According to police, thieves that target car tires and rims can often work in teams, and are usually able to steal tires and rims within a matter of minutes. Unfortunately, they say crimes like these can be difficult to prevent, however there are some ways to make sure your car is “less” of a target.

“Park in a well-lit area, and if you have the ability to get a car alarm get a car alarm on there, it’s very sensitive, and if that car starts to move around, it’s going to wake somebody up, or at least create some witnesses so we can start that suspect track,” public information officer Jim Gillespie said.

To help deter against the thefts Davault says the church will start to have people watch their lot during services. They also plan to handout special locking lug nuts to those driving the type of cars that have been targeted.

“We’d much have them (the thieves) in the worshiping service worshiping god than out in the parking lot stealing wheels,” Davault said.

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