Incomplete Black Friday tweet from McDonald’s goes viral

Whoever wrote it didn’t finish their thought before posting—and the internet was lovin’ it.

McDonald’s sent a tweet out ahead of Black Friday that clearly wasn’t ready for prime time. The incomplete message said, “Black Friday **** Need copy and link****.”

It was sent out in the early morning hours of Black Friday. Did the fast-food chain have a deal for Black Friday shoppers? Was it going to remind people to grab a breakfast sandwich and coffee before heading out to stores?

We’ll never know because the tweet—clearly intended as a placeholder—was never finished. The message was posted on the @McDonaldsCorp verified Twitter account.

Twitter, as expected, had some fun with the message at McDonald’s expense. The company did respond to its own goof a few hours later:

And here’s some of the reaction on Twitter:

And, of course, Wendy’s–almost always on point with its social media game–couldn’t resist chiming in: