Body of California music producer found inside barrel chained to bottom of bay

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. – Last month, a decomposing body was found stuffed inside a sealed barrel that had been chained to the bottom of the San Diego Bay.

Now police are saying the remains belong to a 28-year-old music producer who was last seen alive on Sept. 30, reports KSWB.

Chula Vista police said the remains of Omar Medina were discovered inside the plastic drum. They’d identified him within days of the discovery but withheld his name from the public in order to avoid compromising the investigation into his death.

Police have remained quiet regarding other details of the ongoing homicide investigation. They said further information would be released as long as it didn’t affect the case.

A diver was cleaning his boat on Oct. 12 when he found the barrel, which was attached to a chain weighted down by an underwater concrete block. Authorities snared the barrel and towed it to a nearby marina.

Officers noticed a foul odor coming from the barrel and found Medina’s remains inside.

Image from KSWB

A day after the body was found, a friend of Medina’s began circulating homemade posters with his name and photo. The friend said he’d reported Medina missing on Sept. 30 and worried that the remains found inside the barrel were those of his friend.

Police said the investigation into Medina’s death remains an active case.

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