Witnesses say triple shooting near Fountain Square was prompted by dispute over dog’s death

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- Two men are dead and a pregnant woman remains in the hospital following a triple shooting near Fountain Square.

The gunfire erupted Sunday night in the 1800 block of Cottage Avenue. The victims have been identified as 21-year-old Eric Hoffman and his cousin, 32-year-old William Koenig.

“Little Bill 4 Real. That’s what we all called him. That was his nickname because he was always real. Anything he said, he meant it,” said the victim’s cousin Matt Cantrell.

Koenig's family says he was out of town last week when he got word his beloved dog Petey had been shot and killed by a neighbor.

“I saw Petey come out to go to the bathroom and the neighbor guy pulled out his gun and shot him twice,” said neighbor Tonya Galan.

Galan says she watched her neighbor shoot Bill’s dog even though the dog had not shown any signs of aggression.

“He was just trigger happy. He kept saying he had a permit. He thought just because he had a handgun permit he was a justified in shooting a dog,” said Galan.

Witnesses say after Bill got home from a road trip, he confronted his neighbor Sunday night. During that confrontation, gunshots erupted. Koenig and Hoffman were shot and killed.

Bill’s longtime girlfriend, who was 9 months pregnant, was wounded.

“Petey’s gone. Bill’s gone. His cousin’s gone. It was senseless. It was a senseless shooting,” said Galan.

“It’s heartbreaking that somebody so close to you is killed. He doesn’t have an enemy in the world. Not one person has anything bad to say about that dude. He’s such good person. It’s hard to imagine somebody would take his life,” said cousin John McDonough.

“It’s really a tragedy to our family. Bill was a standup guy,” said Cantrell.

Police did not arrest the neighbor following the shooting of the dog. Police say they have made an arrest for the double homicide, but did not release the suspect’s name.

Family members say an emergency c-section was performed on the female victim. Both the mother and baby girl are expected to survive.

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