IN Focus: Senate candidates on Roy Moore, tax reform, residency controversy

INDIANAPOLIS - Three of the leading candidates in Indiana's GOP primary for U.S. Senate are weighing in on the controversy over Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore, who continues to face multiple allegations of sexual misconduct.

In a series of interviews this past week, Rep. Luke Messer, Rep. Todd Rokita, and former State Rep. Mike Braun all said they'd like to see Moore step aside from the race, though they were criticized by Democrats for taking several days, in some cases, to call for Moore's withdrawal.

Meantime, Rokita and Messer both turned their attention to Sen. Joe Donnelly, who they are both looking to unseat in next year's election.

Rokita and Messer each called for Donnelly to return campaign donations from Sen. Al Franken, who was accused of sexual misconduct this week by a radio host who said Franken made unwanted advances on her in 2006.

(Clarification: In the video above, we report that Donnelly has given to charity some of the donations from Franken. Donnelly's campaign tells CBS4 he has given all $10,000 of Franken's donations to charitable organizations.)

But Messer and Rokita are also attacking each other in recent days, ahead of what could be one of the nastiest primary battles in the country next year.

In recent months, Rokita has been critical of Messer's decision to move his family to Virginia when he was elected to Congress in 2012, as highlighted in a new report from the Associated Press.

Messer responded to the AP report in an interview that aired on this week's edition of IN Focus, defending his decision to move his family to the DC area so he could spend more time with his wife and children.

Braun also appeared on this week's edition of IN Focus, calling Rokita and Messer 'establishment' candidates and 'career politicians' who are in his words "trying to promote themselves to a higher position."


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