Greenfield police investigating threat made against high school student

GREENFIELD, Ind. – Police are investigating a threat made against a Greenfield-Central High School student.

The school’s principal, Jason Cary, says an Instagram account posted the threat Saturday night. He says it named a specific student and threat for tomorrow.

In a Facebook post, Greenfield police said they’ve identified those involved and are continuing to conduct interviews.

As a precaution, extra police will be at the school Monday. But, officials expect a normal class schedule.

The principal also says they will punish those involved with this threat to the extent of their handbook.

Below is the email that Principal Cary sent to students and parents:


I wanted to keep you all in the loop on an issue we have been dealing with for the past 24 hours.

As some of you are aware, an Instagram account posted a threat Saturday night against GCHS. This anonymous account named a specific student and a specific threat for Monday.  We have been working with the Greenfield Police Department since we learned of this threat, and we are convinced that the building will be as safe as possible tomorrow morning.

Please know that your safety and security is one of our top priorities.  We will punish the individuals involved with this threat to the extent of our handbook, and we will work with GPD and the Prosecutors Office as they investigate this crime.  If you have any information about this account, please contact an administrator.

Everyone have a nice evening.

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