School staff, Shelbyville community camp out on school bus to show support for student fighting cancer

SHELBYVILLE, Ind. – Staff at Shelbyville Middle School and others in the Shelbyville community are coming together to show their love for a student fighting cancer.

“It’s quite overwhelming,” said Sarah Collier. “I mean, the support she has gotten from the school, it’s amazing. It really is.”

Just a few months ago, Kiara Lee was diagnosed with cancer.

“Well we went in, it was October 6 to Riley,” said Lee’s mother, Collier. She had really bad leg pain and found out that she had Leukemia and it’s been a whirlwind ride since then.”

Ryan Mikus is the principal at Shelbyville Middle School. For every $100 raised for Lee, he and other staff members will spend an hour camping out on a school bus.

“They have been our motivation,” said Mikus. “The student Kiara and as well as the student that we had go through it last year, Kory Stewart, their strength and seeing their bravery is giving us the adrenaline to get through it.”

The school did something similar last year when Kiara’s classmate, Stewart was diagnosed with cancer.

“I have known him since 3rd grade,” said Lee. “Me and him used to play tag on the playground a lot. We weren’t super close friends, we never talked, but I was a cheerleader and I would always encourage everybody to wear their #KoryStrong shirts.”

The school has already raised hundreds of dollars for Lee to help with her medical bills.

Her reaction to it all?

“I don’t know,” said Lee. “Special in a way.”

After the event, officials told us that they raised $6,000 for Lee.

You can send donations to Shelbyville Middle School:

1200 W. Mckay Rd. Shelbyville, IN 46176


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