Downtown Doggie brings 10,000 square feet of puppy paradise to Indy’s Holy Cross neighborhood

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – With the amount of people looking to live downtown on the rise, and the amount of green space at a premium, more and more dog lovers are in need of a place to take their pets to stretch their legs.

That’s where Downtown Doggie comes in. Located in the Holy Cross neighborhood at 925 East Vermont Street, Downtown Doggie has already earned many fans on Yelp for being a great one-stop-shop for dogs. They offer doggie daycare, boarding, grooming, training, and plenty of room to roam.

“It’s a 10,000-square-foot building, which half of it is our doggie daycare room and outdoor space,” said Jodie Parks, co-owner of Downtown Doggie.

Inside the massive facility, you’ll find virtually everything a dog—and their owner—could want. From basics like boarding, walking, grooming, and doggie daycare (complete with indoor and outdoor spaces to play and socialize), to obedience training.

“We do basic obedience classes and offer lodge and train private lessons, house calls, and can kind of customize for obedience and behavior modification,” said Parks.

Four Things You Need to Know:

  1. Yelpers rave about Downtown Doggie’s great staff. Pups love Jodi and all the great employees at Downtown Doggie. The business is full of dog lovers so pet owners feel confident leaving their beloved pups in in the staff’s care.
  2. The business’ downtown location right off I-65 and I-70 is especially convenient for dog owners who live or work in the city.
  3. Downtown Doggie offers dog sitting, overnight suites, walking, grooming and training services.
  4. Downtown Doggie also offers house calls. For an affordable price, customers can get the dog walkers and pup sitters to come to them!

One thing local Yelpers really like about their offerings aside from obedience training house-calls is-- for a very affordable price-- the dog walkers and dog sitters will also come to you.

One relatively new addition that downtown residents love is their half-acre dog park, which was one of my pup Gizmo’s favorite parts of her adventure.

“Downtown was really looking for a space for people to take their dogs to downtown parks without having to head outside the city. You actually have the city skyline right there. And you can’t beat the location right off of I-65 and I-70,” said Brittany Smith of Yelp Indy.

For many pup parents who work all day long and don’t want to leave their dog at home, Downtown Doggie has become part of the daily routine.

“They can drop the dog off in the morning; leave them all day long when they are at work. They can play all day long and the owner will pick up a nice, tired dog at the end of the day and they will sleep well and be well-behaved,” said Parks.

But if they do stay the night, they can enjoy their very own private 10 foot-by-5 foot pet suite.

You can check out Downtown Doggie on Yelp or on their website for more info. You can also connect with them via Facebook.

While in the Holy Cross neighborhood, check out these nearby Yelp hot-spots within just 3 blocks of Downtown Doggie:

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