North side Indy community relieved after tree leaning into power lines finally removed

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – People who live in a small neighborhood on the city’s north side are breathing a sigh of relief after an uprooted tree was removed.

The Moos family called the CBS4 Problem Solvers desperate for help as they watched a tree across the street continuously worsen. It was leaning into the roadway and cable lines were tangled in between the branches.

“It’s frustrating,” Kenneth Moos said. “When I look up, I see those lines threatening to be broken.”

Moos was worried if and when the tree toppled, it would tear down the lines as well.

“We have people in this neighborhood that have health issues and they need electricity to keep their machines running,” he explained.

Not only did the homeowners want to prevent an outage from happening, they said they wanted to avoid a mess. They feared the tree would break during the next storm or during a heavy snowfall. The homeowners said they called several locations trying to find out how to get the tree removed, but didn’t have any luck.

“We called the Mayor's Action Hotline. They referred us to another department. They in turn referred us to another department and they in turn referred us back to the mayors hotline, Moos said. “We just kept going around in circles.”

CBS4 got to work. The Mayor’s Action Hotline said power and utility lines were not their responsibility. IPL said the lines in question were not theirs, but rather Comcast and Spectrum’s cables. Comcast called back and admitted they had no idea there was an issue until they sent out a crew. The company mentioned that while they would look into helping the homeowner remove the tree, because it was on private property, they couldn’t just go and remove it themselves.

CBS4 contacted the person who owns the property. A.Z Jones was elderly and admitted, he couldn’t afford the $3,000 he was originally quoted for lumberjack services. Days before CBS4 aired this story, Jones’ daughter called and explained the family just lost her mother and was going through a tough time. She said they had found a lumberjack who would do the work for significantly less, but that the work was still a financial burden.

Neighbors are happy to see the tree turned into a stump. The lines are now clear from debris.