Car salesman gets carjacked and assaulted during test drive

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – A used car salesman found himself the victim of a carjacking in Indianapolis.

The crime happened at a small car dealership on Michigan Street in Haughville last month. Police are still searching for the accused thief.

Claiming to be a customer, a man showed up at K & A Auto Sales and casually strolled around the lot. The man chatted with employees and pretended to be interested in buying a car.

“That’s when they went for a test drive and things went south,” said employee Paco Brown.

During the test drive, the suspect forced the employee to pull over and grabbed the victim by the neck.

“He wrapped his arms around his throat and started strangling him. He emptied his pockets, took his phone and shoved him out of the car onto the ground,” said Brown.

The suspect then sped away in the stolen car down Belmont, leaving the stunned 59-year-old employee behind.

“He was dazed. He didn’t know exactly what happened so we filed a report for the stolen Malibu,” said Brown.

Just over a week later, by coincidence, employees found the stolen car in the parking lot of a west side apartment complex, but the suspect was nowhere to be found and no arrests have ever been made.

“It’s a scary situation when you can’t do a job without getting hurt,” said Brown.

Paco says the suspect in the pictures acted calm and matter-of-fact while on the lot, so he doubts it was the suspect’s first robbery. That’s why Paco hopes someone recognizes the alleged carjacker and helps get him off the streets.

“The guy needs to be caught and put behind bars. He jeopardized one life and he’s going to jeopardize another one,” said Brown.

Anyone with information on the suspect seen in the still pictures is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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