Start the week dry; Thunderstorms possible by end of week

Rain will move out of the state by 10pm.  Skies will remain cloudy overnight and I think we will get stuck under low-level clouds through much of Monday.

Forecast temperatures Monday.

We will start the day in the mid-30°s.  By mid-afternoon, we should top out in the lower to middle 40°s.

Forecast high temperatures Monday.


Indianapolis reached 42° after a morning low of 32° Sunday.  This will put the day in the books as 8° below normal.  The normal high temperature for Sunday is 54°.  The normal low temperature is 36°

This is the sixth consecutive day and the seventh day this month below normal.


Computer models suggest a couple of upper-level waves will pass through the Midwest bringing a chance for rain – and even thunderstorms – this week.

You can see the first wave passing through the area in the graphic below.  This will drag a system through the area popping showers through the day Wednesday.

Our second wave comes through Friday evening/Saturday morning.  At this distance, this one may have a bit more energy to work with and could bring strong/severe thunderstorms to parts of the Midwest.

Ahead of the system, temperatures should climb in to the 60°s Friday and Saturday.  However, don’t be surprised about Saturday.  Right now, the high temperature for the day may come shortly after midnight, with falling temperatures through the day.  Stay tuned!

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