New roundabout art creating a stir in Carmel

CARMEL, Ind. – Three new pieces of roundabout art in Carmel are creating quite a stir among residents.

“I just think it looks super cheesy,” said Raquel Zermino. “I thought it was stunning. It caught my eye right away,” Susan Greg said.

The three new pieces were created by artist Jorge Blanco and depict three sports scenes: a catcher and batter, players with a soccer ball and cyclist themed characters.

The pieces cost $155,000, $134,000 and $198,500 respectively and totaled $497,000 including installation.

“(The art is) a waste of money and I think it’s better suited somewhere else here in Carmel,” Travis Webb said.

In a statement, a spokesman for the City of Carmel said, “The City of Carmel invests in public art because it increases property values and enhances our landscapes and streetscapes across the City. We realize that while we have many Carmel residents who love our public art, some do not. We think this is great because art is supposed to start conversations like this. On the Hazel Dell Parkway sculptures, we have received both complaints and compliments from our residents. As to whether we would ever move a piece of art to a more appropriate location … we would consider it.”

Mayor Brainard in the past has said art and other fixtures in roundabouts help increase safety and efficient by directing the focus of drivers to where it needs to be.

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