Employee at Indy pawn shop hospitalized after armed robbery and shooting

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- An employee at an Indianapolis pawn shop remains in the hospital after being shot during an armed robbery.

The shooting erupted Monday night on Indy’s north side near 71st and Michigan.

After the shooting, the employee was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Just after sunset, three masked men stormed into the First Cash Pawn with guns, shot an employee and ran away.

“”It’s a bad situation, but it’s happening all over the world,” said ABC Beauty College owner Willie Haynes.

Willie has owned a beauty college for decades right next door to the pawn shop. During the robbery Monday night there were several customers and witnesses inside the pawn shop, but so far no arrests have been made.

“No one wants to see this in their community. We want the best and safest area we can live in,” said Haynes.

Sadly, the shooting at first pawn isn’t the first time a gunman opened fire at one of Willie’s neighboring businesses.

In September 2015, police say a fight inside the Q-Bo nightclub spilled out into the parking lot where it erupted into a wild shootout.

Nightclub promoter Tywan Aldridge died after getting shot in the melee. To this day no one has ever been arrested for killing the 29-year-old.

For his part, Willie thinks much of the city’s violent crime has the same cause.

“You’ve got drug problems and mental problems everywhere. It’s hitting the neighborhoods and no particular neighborhood. It’s touching everybody,” said Haynes.

Willie hopes whoever committed the armed robbery this week and the deadly shooting two years ago is caught because he’s sick and tired of the violence that is all too common around Indianapolis.

“We as citizens and people need to start caring more for each other and showing more love and understanding,” said Haynes.

Police would not release surveillance video of the suspects in the robbery, but anyone with information on the case is still asked to contact Crime Stoppers at 317-262-TIPS.

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