VIDEO: Bald eagle rescued from highway in Miami County

MIAMI COUNTY, Ind. – A bald eagle injured on the highway is on the mend thanks to an Indiana State Police trooper, Indiana DNR and a bird rehabilitator.

Trooper Mike Meiser told CBS4 he was headed home on U.S. 31 south of County Road 1500 North in Miami County on Wednesday when a driver flagged him down. The driver alerted Meiser to a bald eagle that was injured in the median. The eagle had been feeding on a dead raccoon when it was hit by a passing car.

Indiana DNR and Shirley Needham, with Soarin’ Hawk Rehabilitation in Fort Wayne, responded to the scene.

Meiser said they were prepared to shut down all lanes of traffic on the highway if the eagle started heading toward the road, but Needham didn’t have any issues picking up the eagle and taking it safely back to the van.

The eagle was taken to Soarin’ Hawk to be examined.

On Tuesday, another bald eagle was struck and killed at the same location. They believe it was feeding on the same raccoon, and it was the companion of the eagle they picked up on Wednesday. “It is a very good chance these eagles were mates as eagles stay together for life and were in the same territory,” Meiser said.

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