Two Monrovia men charged after two dogs attack, kill miniature horse

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MONROVIA, Ind-- Two Monrovia men are charged after two dogs killed a miniature horse.

On Oct. 29, officers responded to the scene on Baltimore Road after someone reported two pit bulls were attacking a horse. The horse's owner, Mac McCloud tells CBS 4, he saw the two dogs covered in blood, roaming around his property.  One of McCloud's mini horses was bitten, the other, named Big Boy was near lifeless.  Big Boy later died.

“Also what if that was a small little kid lying in that barn all chewed up. My grandkids, not only my granddaughters but my grandsons come up here and they go in this a lot. What if it had been one of them,” explains Mac McCloud, the horse owner.

Police were able to find one of the dogs and figured out who its owner was: Daniel Cannon, 28, of Monrovia. The dog was captured by Morgan County Animal Control.

Daniel Cannon

The next day, an officer went to Cannon's home to see if the other dog had been located. Initially, police say Cannon said he hadn't seen the dog and it seemed strange it hadn't returned home. Cannon agreed to let the officer search his home, and the dog was found inside. Cannon was arrested on Oct. 31 and charged with allowing a dog to stray and false informing.

The second dog was then also taken by Morgan County Animal Control. Another man living inside the home, named Randy Simmers, is also facing charges for false informing.

The Morgan County Prosecutor's office will determine if further charges are necessary. Authorities are investigating another incident allegedly involving the same dogs.

"I want them put down, explains McCloud.

Investigators also contacted Child Protective Services.  Authorities say there were two kids in the home, which was described as having a terrible smell, being filled with trash and appearing to have no running water.

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