10 songs to get ready for Weezer, Pixies’ show next summer

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Iconic rock bands Weezer and the Pixies have announced a co-headlining tour with a date in the Circle City next summer.

They will play the newly renamed Ruoff Home Mortgage Center on Sunday, July 8 with tickets going on sale Friday, November 10.

Both bands have kept making music since their glory days of the 90’s.

Weezer recently released their eleventh studio album, Pacific Daydream, last week to mixed reviews, but setlists indicate that the band have only been playing two new songs and the rest have been hits.

Pixies have reached the masses from their incredible underground style, but also from the help of a major movie. Their song, “Where Is My Mind?” was the main song from the cult classic, “Fight Club.”

If you are not familiar with Weezer or Pixies’ music, I’ve created a “can’t miss” playlist consisting of five tunes from each band. Let’s dive in.

Buddy Holly

It’s not an episode of the Happy Days, it’s Weezer! One of the best music videos of all-time serves up their second single, released in Sept. of 1994.

Where Is My Mind?

“Where Is My Mind” was released off the band’s debut, “Surfer Rosa” in 1988 but didn’t get popular until 1999.

It was predominately featured in Fight Club’s iconic final scene and played through the ending credits. Since then, the song has been covered countless times and has been featured in many more TV shows and movies.  Without this album and song, Nirvana might have never became big.

Kurt Cobain frequently cited “Surfer Rosa” as an influence on “Nevermind” and hired the album’s engineer, Steve Albini, to produce “In Utero.”

My Name Is Jonas

If you’re in your 20’s, you may remember this hit from “Guitar Hero.”

It doesn’t get much bigger for a first impression than the first song off a band’s first album, but Rivers and co. hit it out of the park. The band found inspiration from an insurance company trying to dupe Rivers’ brother after a car accident.


When most people think of the Pixies, this melody or the aforementioned “Where Is My Mind?” rushes through their skulls. The band followed up their debut with an equally-impressive album called “Doolittle.”

The crown jewel, “Debaser,” was not released as an original single and garnered more attention in 1997, when it was released as a single to promote a compilation record. The move paid out, as the song went on to become one of the band’s biggest hits.

Island in the Sun

One thing is for sure, Weezer understands the power music videos had in the 1990’s and early 2000’s. After already producing an above-average video for this song, the band turned to talented filmmaker Spike Jonze to create one that would be revered for hundreds of years.

The band was filmed rolling around with monkeys, Grizzly Bears, lion cubs and other exotic animals. The tropical riff makes you want to escape the impending winter.

Here Comes Your Man

It doesn’t get much better than Kim Deal’s bass line that sets up one of the most addicting choruses of the late 80’s.  Lead singer Black Francis had this one in the chamber for quite awhile, he wrote the tune when he was 14.

The song isn’t a love song as lyrics may suggest, it’s actually about hobos traveling from boxcar to boxcar during earthquakes in California.

Across The Sea

1996’s Pinkerton was labeled as one of the worst albums of the year by Rolling Stone back then.  Boy oh boy were they wrong and have later admitted it. A cult class among fans, the album is pretty much centered around the awkwardness that is Rivers Cuomo.

“Across The Sea” is about him falling in love with a Japanese pen pal during his time at Harvard. Check out the band performing the song live in Japan, maybe the girl he was singing about back in ’95 was in attendance.

Monkey Gone to Heaven

Instead of “Debaser,” Pixies chose “Monkey Gone To Heaven” as the first single off their sophomore LP.

The band continued to hide deeper meaning behind non-complex lyrics as the song is about the environment. The monkey is a metaphor that man is slowly creating the environmental destruction of the Earth.

Say It Ain’t So

There’s a special fun fact behind Weezer’s performance on Letterman below. Rivers broke his right leg right before the performance and decided to stand on his cast instead of performing in a chair.

You can tell by the giant sweatpants he is wearing.  The tune ended up becoming one of the most popular songs of the 90’s.


Speaking of how amazing Kim Deal’s bass playing was, she also got behind the mic for 1988’s “Gigantic” off their debut album, Surfer Rosa.

She left the band in 2013 to continue to work with her other band, The Breeders, who she is the lead singer for.

If you’d like to be able to buy pre-sale tickets on Monday, you can sign up for access on Weezer’s website. British band The Wombats will serve as the opener.

No word yet on which band, Weezer or Pixies, will play first.

As 2018 summer shows continue to get announced as we head into the holidays, this show will be one of the highlights of Ruoff’s summer season.

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