Tipton County judge allows daycare worker accused in baby’s death to be released from jail

TIPTON COUNTY, Ind-- A Tipton County daycare worker accused in the death of a 2-month-old-baby has been released from jail under supervision.

The judge granted Jessica Moss release from jail under supervision during a court hearing this morning despite the fact that prosecution argued she is  "a threat to the most innocent and vulnerable humans in our community" and should stay in jail.

This hearing for Jessica Moss was initially set for Monday, but a last minute change, pushed it up to this morning.

Moss is facing felony child neglect charges after police say placed Connor Collins in a crib face down and left the infant unsupervised in May of this year.

When Moss came back to check on him, the newborn was already dead.

"When they got there they found him on the couch with his hands up, there was no administrating CPR or anything," said Connor's mom Meghan Murray.

Court documents show Moss was running an unlicensed day care, babysitting eleven children the day the infant died. Indiana's family and social services administration shut the daycare down in August.

Tipton County Prosecutor Jay Rich issued this statement:

"Defense counsel contended that she qualified for pre trial release, and should therefore be released pending trial. Judge Lett determined that she is eligible for pre trial release. I believe it was a fair and reasonable decision and understand his rationale. It's not the decision I was hoping for, but it was fairly and impartially rendered."

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