Indy’s Most Haunted: The historic Roads Hotel in Hamilton County

ATLANTA, Ind. – The historic Roads Hotel in Atlanta, Indiana is said to be haunted by many spirits.

Built in 1893, Newton Roads bought the property just north of Noblesville. His wife Clara ran the hotel with their daughter Hazel and son Everett.

Everett was diagnosed with tuberculosis at age 19, and he was confined to isolation in the hotel until he died. Clara, Newton and his stepmother Catherine also died in the hotel.

The hotel was a layover stop for the railroad, so it saw a wide variety of guests, including famous criminals John Dillinger and Al Capone. It was converted into a brothel and a speakeasy during Prohibition.

Visitors at the hotel have reported seeing apparitions of men, women and children. They also reports lights turning on and doors opening on their own. If you listen closely, they say you can even hear conversations from past guests.

Many say the creepiest room houses dozens of dolls and guests capture very disturbing EVPs.

The hotel is open for overnight investigations if you dare with tickets as low as $50.

Video courtesy of Daywalkers Paranormal and Ghosthunter Marcia

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