Indiana’s governor, first lady tout Halloween safety in video featuring public safety officials

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Stop by Gov. Eric Holcomb’s place for Halloween, and you’re sure to get a treat—and maybe a lecture about safety.

The governor and Indiana First Lady Janet Holcomb (plus First Dog Henry) appear in a new video with Sgt. John Perrine from the Indiana State Police and Capt. Mike Pruitt from the Wayne Township Fire Department.

In the video, Perrine (dressed as Superman) and Pruitt (dressed as Batman) drop by the governor’s residence for Halloween. Their costumes don’t fool the governor, who recognized both men (they’re clearly in uniform).

The governor grills them about several safety measures, including flashlights, glow sticks and adult supervision. They each accept a treat—although Pruitt tries to take two before Perrine says he and Pruitt could take more only “if they were doughnuts.”

The First Lady then offers a few more safety tips, reminding them to look both ways before crossing the street, have an adult check their candy before they eat it and take their masks off while they’re walking so the masks don’t limit their vision.