Carmel firefighters warn community of phone scam

CARMEL, Ind. – The Carmel Firefighter union is warning residents about a phone scam where someone is posing as a member of the union and asking for money.

“We pride ourselves with the public being able to trust us and that’s something that we take serious,” Carmel Professional Firefighters Local 4444 President Sean Sutton said. “We don’t collect money over the phone. We don’t ask for donations over the phone. So that’s just not something we do.”

A woman contacted the agency this week stating that someone had called her posing as a member of the union and was soliciting donations.

She didn’t fall for the scam, but Friday the fire department alerted residents in a Facebook post.

“Trust is a big thing for us and we’ve worked hard to  garner that trust and protect it and its people like this who just erode that trust away from the public,” Sutton said.

The Indiana Office of the Attorney General’s Director of Consumer Protections Betsy Isenberg said the agency does see an increase of these types of charity scams during the holiday season.

Isenberg said if you do receive a call from someone asking for money for a charity it is always best to contact the group directly before donating.

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