Anti-gravity treadmills helping shave rehab time

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Charles Torwudzo Junior played arena football back in the day.  Rehabbing from injuries traditionally meant eliminating running from a workout regimen, losing some cardio fitness and generally weeks or months off. He wishes now, he had access to the Alter G Treadmill.

“I’ve never been in space, but I imagine if you were, it would be something like that,” says Torwudzo.

To run on this particular treadmill, you wear a plastic pair of shorts, which are inflated. On the treadmill, you are literally lifted up. You’re lighter. It’s then a matter of either running or walking.

“I would compare it to running on a cloud, because when you’re putting your feet down, you’re not putting as much weight on it,” says Torwudzo.

It’s called an Alter G Treadmill.  Brian Schuetter is a Physical Therapist at St. Vincent Sports Performance and is a runner who’s used it himself.

“So, you use it in a rehab perspective. Personally, I am coming back from a hip thing, so I’ve started to run at 60 percent of my body weight and I can run pain free,” says Schuetter.

The Alter G is made so you can reduce your weight by ten or as much as 70 percent of your normal weight.

Torwudzo is fit and uses the alter g for a good cardio workout.  But the Alter G can be used in conjunction with a weight loss program as well.

“We have another girl coming in using it as weight loss,” says Schuetter. “She’s lost 20 pounds already and she’s been coming in and doing it once or twice a week in the Alter G. She can take her body weight down to like 60 percent and really get a good workout.”

It’s equipped with small cameras which can record gait, speed and stride.  It’s another tool in the toolbox for anyone on the mend, who wants to ease up on the pounding a body takes from running, and shave off time rehabbing.

“Something like the alter g would definitely have changed the game for me personally because when you’re running it puts a lot less stress, a lot less tension on all your joints, especially when you’re trying to get back,” says Torwudzo.

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