Da Blue Lagoon brings their island vibes and authentic Caribbean cuisine to Lawrence

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – If Da Blue Lagoon restaurant sounds familiar, that’s because it is.

Folks might remember them as a popular Broad Ripple restaurant frm 2005 to 2011, turned into one of the city’s most popular food trucks. But now, they have a new brick and mortar location, this time in Lawrence.

“If you’ve ever been to the Caribbean or Jamaica, we want it when you walk through those doors, instantly you are reminded of that experience,” said Graham Levy, owner of Da Blue Lagoon.

The moment you walk into Da Blue Lagoon located at 11705 Pendleton Pike in Lawrence, the bright walls and tiki hut vibe instantly transport you from Indy to a Caribbean beach getaway.

“I’m from Jamaica, so it’s only right that we make Jamaican cuisine the highlight,” Levy said.

He explained that it took four months to build out the restaurant because it was so important for him to truly capture the essence of Jamaica.

“The beautiful thing about Jamaican food-- the number one, one of the most flavorful cuisines in the world,” said Levy.

Jamaican cuisine is colorful and well-seasoned, with meats that are often marinated for days.

“Today we are going to feature the ackee and saltfish, or ackee and codfish, which is basically the national dish of Jamaica,” he said.

For a little taste of everything, there’s the “Island Trio.”

“It’s a combination of jerk chicken, coconut curry chicken, fricassee chicken, served over a bed of rice and beans and a side that could be fried plantains or butter steamed veggies, it could be soca mac n cheese, it could be festivals,” he explained.

When it comes to appetizers, the “Montego Bay Sampler” receives high praise by many local Yelp reviewers.

“[It] consists of jerk wings, which are amazing. The Jamaican beef patties and the coconut fried shrimp,” said Levy.

Four Things You Need to Know:

  • They have a full bar and even serve breakfast/brunch on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • You may know them for their popular food truck. No worries, it’s not going anywhere! They are actually in the process of having a second food truck.
  • Yelpers love Da Blue Lagoon’s authentic Jamaican food. From jerk chicken, to Oxtails, to coconut shrimp, customers have great things to say about the restaurant's tasty island fare.
  • A great atmosphere and friendly environment makes for fun dining experience at the Jamaican restaurant.

For those trying to keep it healthy, they also have the “Caribbean Breeze Salad.”

“It’s very colorful. It’s got strawberries, mangoes, sugared walnuts, dried cranberries, a little sprinkle of bleu cheese,” Levy said.

Wash it down with a refreshing beer, wine, or cocktail—like the ever popular rum punch. Finally, there’s the rum-infused desserts.

“You’re going to find Jamaican classics like rum cake but then they also do a fun twist, they’re making all these here in Indy, Jamaican rum raisin cheesecake, which is another fun version of the rum cake,” said Brittany Smith of Yelp Indy.

And one thing you might not expect here?

“You’re going to find blue mountain coffee which is totally known for great high quality coffee from Jamaica. You can get a cup here with their breakfast, which is something a lot of people don’t realize is they’re offering breakfast/brunch on Saturdays and Sundays,” Smith says.

You can check out Da Blue Lagoon on Yelp or on their website for more info. You can also connect with them via Facebook.

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