Deputy arrests Indiana man accused of trying to race him

Eugene Thome

LA PORTE, Ind. – A man in La Porte was arrested after he allegedly tried to race a deputy in a cruiser, the Michigan City News-Dispatch reports.

A deputy with the la Porte County Sheriff’s Office was traveling north on SR 39 near the Indiana toll road when he noticed a Dodge Charger quickly approach him from behind.

The driver of the vehicle then passed the deputy at a high rate of speed, so the deputy turned on his emergency lights. The suspect pulled into the yard of a residence and fled on foot. The deputy chased him and took him into custody a short time later.

Eugene Thome, 40, faces charges of operating a vehicle as a habitual offender and two counts of resisting law enforcement. He was also wanted on a felony warrant of revocation.

According to a police report obtained by the Michigan City News-Dispatch, Thome admitted he was hoping to get the deputy to race him, but once he saw the emergency lights, he realized the unmarked Dodge Charger was actually a cruiser. Thome said he fled the scene because he knew he was wanted on a warrant, and his license status was habitual traffic violator.

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