Foodie Spotlight: Burger Study

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Indianapolis is quickly becoming one of the hottest food cities in America. A destination for true foodies who are interested in everything from fine dining to food trucks. This column will put the spotlight on one of these local hot spots to help get the word out and share in the love of all things food.

Review by contributor Dustin Heller

What is the meaning of life?  Which came first, the chicken or the egg?  Where can you get the best burger in Indy?…these are some of life’s most difficult and thought-provoking questions and depending on who you ask, you will probably get a different answer each time.  With that in mind, we’re headed to the hottest new burger joint in downtown Indy; where the folks that brought us St. Elmo and Harry and Izzy’s (you’ve heard of them, right?) are throwing their name in the hat for that glorious title.  Burger Study is finally open!  I’ve been anticipating this for quite some time now and its finally here (hallelujah! singing in the background).  Located on the South side of Circle Center Mall right next to Harry and Izzy’s, “the family” (as I like to call them) have locked down the Northeast corner of Illinois St. and Georgia St (perfect walking distance from both Lucas Oil Stadium and Banker’s Life Fieldhouse…how convenient).

The concept behind Burger Study is one of “casual sophistication”, where one could still have a fine dining experience while not having to save up their pennies.  Within “the family”, Burger Study would be considered the “every day” restaurant as opposed to a special occasion.  If you couldn’t tell by the name alone, the place has a college theme which stems from their constant pursuit of culinary excellence (I think I could have graduated summa cum laude from Cheeseburger University).  The interior of the restaurant is quite cozy, and the oversized bar serves as its centerpiece.

It’s now time to talk about the food and get into my “can’t miss” items list.  I’m doing things a bit differently here and will only select items from the burgers section of the menu.  In light of this, let me tell about some of the other items on the menu that really shouldn’t be missed either (is this cheating?, probably).  For starters (literally and figuratively),The Beer Cheese Tots are fabulous, but the Fried Cauliflower and Fried Avocado Wedges is where the real money is at.  The salads are all very creative, but no one should look past the Brussels Sprouts and Burrata…get a load of this, shaved Brussels sprouts, burrata cheese, watermelon radish, toasted pumpkin seeds, campfire onion jam, cilantro vinaigrette and sourdough crumbles (Yummy!).  Lastly, I’d question anyone’s patriotism that goes to a burger joint and doesn’t order a milkshake.  That’s un-American!  Ok, with that out of the way, let’s dig into these burgers:

  1. Prime Degree…Let me start by saying that the price tag for this burger is $19, which is quite a bit to pay for a burger (and it’s not even the most expensive burger on the menu!).  With that said, you get what you pay for.  You can literally taste the difference in the beef (please order medium rare to experience the full flavor) used in this burger compared to any of the others, and the BellaVitano cheese puts it over the top.  When (not if) I hit the lottery, the Prime Degree will be taking the place of the fast food burger in my life.
  2. Double Major…This is gonna be the choice for those that prefer a traditional burger, but don’t get me wrong, it still packs a wallop when it comes to flavor.  It’s the only double on the menu (win!) and it’s topped with mouth-watering American cheese and Study Sauce.  Talk about a misnomer, Study Sauce doesn’t make me want to study, it makes me want to put away the books and eat another burger!
  3. Homecoming…I know I’m supposed to be talking about the burgers here, but let me just say…thick-cut, root beer glazed bacon!  As glorious as that sounds, I think they might be selling it a bit short.  The bacon is almost as thick as the burger patty, and it is sooooo good!
  4. Ivy League…This is the burger for the vegetarians and vegans of the world.  It’s a plant-based and soy-free veggie burger topped with feta cheese, cucumber noodles and roasted garlic-tomato smear, and, man, is it tasty!  I’m a meat-lover almost to a fault, but I’d be perfectly satisfied wrapping my hands around this beauty any time.

Burger Study isn’t out to be just be another burger joint, they have their sights set much higher…they want to change the way you think about burgers.  Even though we may never have a definitive answer to the best burger in Indy question, Burger Study could certainly make a case.

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