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People targeted by BB or pellet guns in Fountain Square

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. — Police are looking for a car full of shooters taking aim at people and vehicles in the Fountain Square area.

On Monday, during a two-hour span, IMPD responded to call, after call, after call. People reportedly hit by either a pellet or a BB gun.

As Tracey Davidson was taking out the trash behind his home on Woodlawn Avenue, he heard the danger before seeing it.

“(I) heard a bunch of pop, pop, pop, pops,” said Davidson.

A couple hours later, Ronnie Rhoton heard the same popping sound as he was walking over to his friend’s house.

“It kind of scared me at first,” said Rhoton.

Rhoton and Davidson both live in Fountain Square and both were hit in drive-by shootings. They believe someone armed with either a pellet or a BB gun fired at them.

“It had some pack behind it because it made me stoop down and it hit me pretty good,” said Rhoton.

Monday evening from 4 to 6 p.m., IMPD responded to at least four reports in Fountain Square of people or vehicles shot. All the cases were within a few blocks from one another and police believe they’re all likely related.

“It’s a scary situation, needs to be handled,” said Rhoton.

Rhoton tells CBS4 he didn’t get a good look at his license plate and he actually heard the shooters in the car laugh as they took off.

“It’s going to transition into real bullets, they’re thinking oh this is fun I can get away with this,” said Rhoton.

Seconds before Rhonton was hit he says a mother and her three kids walked by.

“What if it was a kid and it got them in the eyeball and here this kid goes the rest of his life without sight or if it penetrated something, luckily I got a beer belly and it didn’t penetrate it,” said Rhonton.

Both men still have small marks from where they were hit. Homeowners want these shootings to stop before someone gets seriously hurt.

“If it had been a real bullet it would have been right through my belly I may not be here today, so this is not fun and games. I’m not playing anymore,” said Rhonton.

At last check, no arrests have been made. Police do not have a car or suspect description. Investigators believe there were four males in the vehicles.

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