Much needed rain arrives in central Indiana today and the latest on Hurricane Maria and Jose

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

We are getting some much needed rain without the severe weather threat, which is very good, because we are close to 3" below average since Aug. 1. The wettest part of the day will be the morning hours. Showers will become more isolated and we'll see more dry time than wet this afternoon.  Here's what 5 p.m. looks like. There will be some localized spots that see 1" of rain, but rain totals will vary a lot today. Most spots will see well less than 0.5" through tonight.

We will stick with the heat and humidity for the rest of the week. Highs today will only be slightly above average in the low 80s with more clouds than sun.

The heat and humidity really build in beginning Wednesday. By Friday and the weekend we'll have a string of 90 degree days with heat indices in the mid and upper 90s. It will be VERY humid and sunny this weekend into early next week.

Jose is a minimal hurricane as of the 5 a.m. update from the National Hurricane Center. The center of circulation will stay off the U.S. mainland, however it will still bring life threatening rip currents and large swells to the coastal areas of New Jersey, Long Island and New England.

Tropical storm WATCHES are in effect for New Jersey and Long Island, while Tropical Storm WARNINGS are posted for New England. Most of the mainland areas will see 1-3" through Thursday. Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket will see 3"-5" through midweek.

Hurricane Maria is a powerful Category 5 storm moving west of the Leeward Islands. This storm will remain a Category 4-5 storm over the next day and will make landfall in Puerto Rico on Wednesday. The storm will move NW from there and hit the Turks and Caicos on Thursday on Thursday, followed by the Bahamas Friday into the weekend all while remaining a MAJOR hurricane.

Spaghetti plots keep Maria away from the US mainland, but we will continue to monitor this through next week.

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