Plainfield man says Indy tree trimming business won’t finish what it starts

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

PLAINFIELD, Ind. -- A Plainfield man claims an Indianapolis business shorted him some work after he paid full price for tree trimming services.

Kevin Hamernick said when he noticed emerald ash borer on several of his big, old trees last March, he called Modern Lumberjacks Tree Services. He said the company responded right away, coming out to trim several of the trees. When they didn’t get the work done, Hamernick said the company promised to return.

In the meantime, Hamernick recommended the company to his neighbors. People living nearby booked Modern Lumberjacks Tree Services and once again, the company responded quickly but didn’t finish the job.

Hamernick said March turned into April and April turned into May. He called Modern Lumberjacks Tree Services again, this time to not only complete the previous job but to add at least one more tree to the list. It had fallen in a windstorm and was lying across the street.

The company came out and did a little work, but Hamernick said yet a third time, they didn’t finish the job. He hasn’t seen the lumberjacks since.

Hamernick showed CBS4 the endless amount of text messages he’s sent to the business owner and the phone calls he’s made. There was never a reply.

“It’s been, let’s see, June…July… August…three months,” Hamernick pointed out. “I’m not trying to fry the guy. I just want the job done.”

Google Reviews show a four-star rating but several complaints. At least six past clients reported the same experiences as Hamernick; that they paid in full, that the job was never completed and that the company’s owner cut off communication.

The Indiana Attorney General’s Office confirmed at least one person filed a similar complaint with them regarding the company. The person described the work they paid for as “incomplete.”

CBS4 tried getting in touch with the company as well, but to no avail. Reporter Angela Brauer called Modern Lumberjacks Tree Services twice and left voicemails, emailed and texted the owner and even drove past the business’ listed address, which appeared to be the business owner’s house. No one was home.

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