Good Samaritans pull woman from burning car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

COLUMBUS, Ind. – A group of strangers rescues a woman from her burning car.  Around 7 o’clock Tuesday evening, Matthew Luttrell and Nelson Shelton were getting ready to grab dinner near Herman Darlage Drive. The two teenagers saw smoke coming from a crash.

“It’s really scary looking at it now,” explains Matthew Luttrell, a rescuer.

Within seconds the smoke turned into shooting flames.  A 50-year-old woman was in the driver’s seat, unconscious.

“If it was someone in your family, or that was your parent you’d want someone to be there for them and get them out of the car so that’s the way I looked at it,” explains Nelson Shelton, a rescuer.

The car doors were locked so the 19-year-old’s asked around and were able to find a tire iron.  Luttrell used the tool to bust the window and pull out the victim.

“The next thing I knew I woke up here downstairs in the hospital in the emergency room,” explains Timberly Trueblood.

Trueblood was on her way home from work and had only two miles to go.  She tells CBS 4 she blacked out and later she found out what actually happened.

“They did not have to do that but they did anyway; they took it upon themselves and I’m glad they did,” explains Trueblood.

Trueblood doesn’t have any broken bones or burns, just some bruises.  She realizes the reason she’s here is because of the teenage boys.

“They are special people,” explains Trueblood.

Doctors are still running some tests in order to figure out what caused Trueblood to pass out behind the wheel.  She’s hoping to go home Thursday and says she will be meeting up with her heroes to personally say thank you.

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