City Market’s U-Relish Farms give easy, nutritious supper solutions with Crock-Pot meal kits

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – We’ve all been there: after a busy day, you’re hungry, exhausted, and don’t really feel like making dinner. So you end up in the drive through line to grab something that will fill you up for the time being, but is far from nutritious.

Cara Dafforn, owner of U-Relish Farms, gets it. That’s why she dedicated her life to helping provide a supper solution that’s healthy and won’t break the bank. Based on the rave reviews from local Yelpers, people love it.

“I read some data that said if people Crock-Pot, they won’t go through the drive through line 98% of the time,” Dafforn said.

It was that statistic that inspired her to leave her job in academia to create a healthy supper solution for busy people. And it centers around one thing.

“Everything I do here is for the Crock-Pot,” she said.

Dafforn explained her background working for Indiana University’s dean of the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences has played a huge part in how she chooses her ingredients.

“I look at plants and how they impact us medicinally, specifically whether they benefit us, can detoxify us, or renew us,” says Dafforn.

Her goal is to provide an easy, preservative-free, gluten-free, and vegan alternative that people could add meat or other protein to their liking. Plus, she does it all for less than $1.75 per serving.

Ingredients are always fresh and local. Because as the farmer in residence at the City Market, she’s the one growing them.

“I chose City Market because of the heart of the community. This is a historical building which needs a farmer in residence to preserve the trust to the people,” says Dafforn.

Four Things You Need to Know:

  • 1: U-Relish offers more than just supper solutions. They also have breakfast options and an herbal infusion.
  • 2: They distributed by Green Bean Delivery and Market Wagon. And you can enjoy their kits at other local businesses like Artisano’s, Homespun: Modern Homemade, Wildwood Market and more.
  • 3: U-Relish Farm offers an artisan or small batch product of peas, beans, and lentils for the Crock-Pot without preservatives to solve the chore of supper.
  • 4:  Great for single parents, college students, busy professionals and camping trips.

In addition to her popular supper solutions like white hot chili and the white bean rosemary, she also offers an herbal infusion and slow cooker breakfast options like rice pudding and oatmeal.

U-Relish is distributed by Green Bean Delivery and Market Wagon. But you can always pay her a visit at her brick and mortar home in the very diverse City Market.

“This building is like a neighborhood in itself. There are more than 20 different vendors. It’s changing all the time,” says Brittany Smith of Yelp Indy.

For more info, you can connect with U-Relish Farms via their Yelp page or official web site.

While downtown, check out these other local Yelp hot spots within three blocks of U-Relish.

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