Donations from Hoosiers for Harvey victims pile up

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SHELBYVILLE, IN-- While Southeast Texas is gripped with devastation and destruction left in Hurricane Harvey's wake, the donations keep pouring in from Hoosiers to help families in need.

Thursday afternoon, car after car full of donations and a lot of Hoosier spirit filled up the parking lot outside of Big Lots in Shelbyville in a matter of just a few hours.

"We have a lot of clothes, water, food, baby formula, baby diapers, cat food," Shelby County director of emergency management Ryan Hansome said.

While semi-trucks headed to Texas was loaded up, folks kept stopping by. Hansome estimated at least one thousand people visited.

"I mean if it happened to us we'd want all the help that we could get, it's heartbreaking," Heaven Smothers said after dropping off a donation.

It's one of many collection sites, though. There’s also huge collection site at Rockin’ K Boutique in Colfax.

"They need us, they need good, caring human beings to take care of them," Susan Rennekamp said.

The Cumberland Police Department said it's collected more than 800 cases of water. In Frankfort, business owners are collecting donations to load on semi-truck donated by Bailey Trucking leaving for Texas Monday. Organizers said it will go to a pastor in Texas housing people and handing out feed to ranches. The Lebanon Fire Department is also collecting donations. Police there said Gene Lewis Ford is also accepting donations until Wednesday to fill a truck stolen out of Houston officers recovered in Lebanon.

On the ground, there are dozens of volunteers with the American Red Cross . Indiana Task Force One's water rescue team traveled to Beaumont, TX to lend their hand, too.

"Hoosiers always look for a way to help other people," Hansome said.

If you'd like to help, here are more ways to do so.

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