Pest control crews kill more than 100 rats after infestation at Terre Haute home

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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. – An Indiana home infested with rats is now free of the vermin.

Since July, Vector Control has killed more than 100 rats after neighbors complained about the infestation at the home at 333 South 17th St. in Terre Haute, reports WTHI.

The home was deemed a public house hazard, and it’s taken more than a month to clean up. Neighbors first reported the disgusting conditions in July. The Vigo County Health Department stepped in after learning about the property.

An elderly man was living inside the home with two dozen cats—and dozens of rats were seen roaming around the property. Inside, crews found gnawed furniture, feces and dead animals.

“So, it was a long process. We did put bait out, and we were able to remove all the different places where those rats were staying inside and outside of the home,” Christina Keller with the Vigo County Health Department told the TV station.

The effort, a joint operation with Terre Haute Code Enforcement, required quite a bit of money and manpower, but Keller said it was worth it.

“Most importantly, those rats are gone, which is a great win no matter how long and how much money it actually took, but this property is rat-free and that’s the most important part at the end of the day,” Keller said.

Neighbors are relieved that the cleanup is finally finished.

“Now, the smell is gone. The cats are still here, but their little friends are gone,” said neighbor Cassandra White.

The house has been condemned, but it’s uncertain when or if it will be demolished.

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