Indianapolis Colts’ #ColtsForged tweet sparks confusion, Twitter ‘war’ with other NFL teams

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – If the goal of social media is to get a response, the Indianapolis Colts nailed it.

On Monday night, the team tweeted out a picture with the hashtag #ColtsForged. The photo shows some horses in downtown Indianapolis, but there was no context given.

The post sparked a tongue-in-cheek exchange involving the Colts, divisional rival Tennessee and NFC foe Minnesota.

The Titans used the hashtag #WordOfTheDay and defined forged as “copied fraudulently; fake.” The Titans attached a photo of its “team forged” motto and circled the date of the post as July 23, as if to say “we did it first.” The team added, “Glad we could inspire you.”

Then the Minnesota Vikings got in on the act, posting an image of its “forge ahead” motto and circling the date of Jan. 3, 2016.

The Colts’ Twitter account responded in cheeky fashion with a tweet that said, “We can circle dates too” and posted an image showing the word “forge” originated in the 13th century.

And really, leave it to the ever-snarky Merriam-Webster Twitter account to deliver a “mic drop” moment on Wednesday.

But what does #ColtsForged really mean? No one seems to have much of an idea, although the Colts told our media partners at the IndyStar that fans should “stay tuned to and our social media channels in the coming days” for more information.

The Star also pointed out that the Colts and Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department shot a commercial in June that closed down Monument Circle, implying that the commercial shoot may have something to do with the image and slogan.

Still, the bizarre image had fans scratching their heads. Many posted reaction GIFs in response to the #ColtsForged tweet:

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