Westfield families denounce swastika found on neighborhood parking lot

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WESTFIELD, IN-- Families in a Westfield neighborhood are denouncing a disturbing image found on the subdivision's parking lot. Neighbors said they found a swastika with the words "south hates Jews" drawn on the ground.

Police said they were called to the Quail Ridge subdivision Thursday morning for the markings.

"It brings up a lot of fear and a lot of anxiety," Michael Kobrowski, a Westfield resident in another part of town, said.

He saw the picture circulating on social media, and said he sees a symbol of hate. It's touched his family in unimaginable ways.

"My father was a Holocaust survivor so seeing that sign that people used that killed my uncles and grandmother and everything really causes some anxiety and sadness that's being shown," Kobrowski said.

He said his father, from eastern Poland, spent more than two years trying to survive in the woods.

"Hiding in makeshift bunkers underground and moving from spot to spot to get away from neighbors and people around the area who were basically hunting Jewish people for sport," he said.

So when he learned someone tagged the parking lot in a subdivision with a swastika:

"To see something like that in Westfield makes it even doubly tough to see," he said.

The image was quickly covered up and neighbors in the subdivision, who were upset and surprised, quickly denounced it.

"That symbol has nothing to do with this neighborhood and does not belong here," Charles Smith, a neighbor, said. "This is a very diverse neighborhood that's not the kind of thing you want to find in your backyard."

No matter who did it, Kobrowski said he hopes others can learn and find a little more empathy.

"You really should consider what you're doing before you doing it, think before you speak and consider how others will feel when they see what you do," he said.

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