A few clouds for the solar eclipse

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A solar eclipse will occur Monday afternoon.  Expect a warm humid afternoon with mostly cloudy skies.

The total duration of the event is 2 hours and 51 minutes. It begins at 12:57pm and ends at 3:48pm. Peak sun blockage of 91.5% will occur at 2:25pm.

Eclipse safety glasses are a must for viewing in order to avoid temporary or permanent eye damage. The celestial event will take place as the moon moves into the path between the earth and the sun. Eclipse totality is when skies will darken and the sun will appear as a “Diamond Ring” in the sky. Totality will last under two minutes this time around.

List of Solar viewer brands:

• American Paper Optics (Eclipser)
• APM Telescopes (Sunfilter Glasses)
• Baader Planetarium (AstroSolar Silver/Gold Film)
• Celestron (EclipSmart Glasses & Viewers)
• DayStar (Solar Glasses)
• Explore Scientific (Solar Eclipse Sun Catcher Glasses)
• Halo Solar Eclipse Spectacles
• Jaxy Optical Instrument Co., Ltd.
• Lunt Solar Systems
• Meade Instruments (EclipseView Glasses & Viewers)
• Rainbow Symphony (Eclipse Shades)
• Seymour Solar (Helios Glasses)
• Solar Eclipse International / Cangnan County Qiwei Craft Co.
• Thousand Oaks Optical (Silver-Black Polymer & SolarLite)
• TSE 17 / 110th.de (Solar Filter Foil)

While they generally happen once per year, this will be the first one visible in the continental United States in 38 years. The last event came on February 26, 1979 and occurred mainly for the American northwest and for the Manitoba region of Canada. The totality lasted over 2 minutes and 40 seconds.  The next solar eclipse that we’ll be able to see in central Indiana will not take place until April 8, 2024 so for many of us this will be a “must see” event.

If you don’t have safety glasses you can still view Mother Nature’s show. Meteorologist John Dissauer shows you how to build a safe way to observe the event here: https://cbs4indy.com/2017/08/17/heres-how-to-build-your-own-observatory-to-watch-the-solar-eclipse/

If you want to test your solar eclipse knowledge scroll down to the quiz below.

Here’s the path of totality across the nation.

The eclipse take almost three hours to completion.

Here are the totality times for central Indiana.

Here is the percentage of sun coverage for central Indiana.

Here are the totality times across the nation.

Remember to protect your eyes.

Expect a warm humid afternoon with mostly cloudy skies on Monday.

So how much do you know about the solar eclipse?

What is a solar eclipse?

Earth passes between the moon and sun

Moon passes between the earth and the sun

Sun passes between the earth and the moon


On average, how often does a total solar eclipse occur?

One a year

Twice a year

Every 5 years


Solar eclipses always occur during a…

Full Moon

New Moon

Crescent Moon


What type of solar eclipse can create the  “Diamond Ring” effect?

Partial Eclipse

Annular Eclipse

Total Eclipse


Central Indiana will next see a total solar eclipse in…





How fast will the eclipse travel?

500 mph

1,700 mph

2,000 mph


Which of these cities will see a total eclipse?

Dayton, Ohio

Lexington, Kentucky

Nashville, Tennessee


On August 21, central Indiana will have a___ chance for a cloudy day.

20 percent

50 percent

70 percent


Solar eclipses have a physical effect on humans?




It’s safe to watch the solar eclipse with sunglasses?




Answers: 2, 1, 2, 3, 2, 2, 3, 1, False, False

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