IPS reassures parents their students will be ready to safely watch solar eclipse

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – Some Indiana parents aren’t sure they want to their kids watch the solar eclipse at school, but officials explain the safety measures they are taking.

Experts are warning everyone to use certified protective eye wear to watch the eclipse so they do not damage their eyes.

Schools all over Central Indiana are asking parents to sign a waiver before their kids can take part in the live viewing. The waivers release the school district from liability and officials say they are similar to those used during field trips.

Indianapolis Public Schools tells us, if parents do not want to sign the waiver, their child will stay inside and watch the eclipse on TV. Parents can also opt to keep their kids at home for an excused absence.

“We’ve had several questions from parents,” said Andrea Hunley, Principal at the Center for Inquiry School 2.

Every parent has signed the waiver at her school, but Hunley said she spent time with each concerned parent to answer all their questions.

IPS spokeswoman Carrie Cline Black insists, teachers and staff are taking precautions to keep kids safe.

“The teachers of the students that are going to be observing the event outside have been working with these student for weeks to make sure they understand the safety. In some cases they’ve been practicing wearing the glasses and looking at the sun outside under safe conditions,” Black explained.

But kids can be kids. What if your child tries to remove their glasses during the event?

Hunley said her school will have plenty of supervision on hand for her 400 plus students.

“We will have around 120 to 150 adults out there with our students including some of our IMPD officer friends who have volunteered to come and help us as well,” said Hunley.

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