President Trump retweets, then deletes altered IndyStar cartoon

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.– Tuesday morning, President Donald Trump retweeted a cartoon showing a man labeled as “CNN” trying to stop the “Trump train.” The picture is an altered version of an editorial cartoon created by Gary Varvel from the Indianapolis Star in January.

Within minutes of the retweet, it was deleted. Several hours later, an anonymous White House official told CNN that the retweet was “inadvertently posted.”

The original IndyStar image was created in January, and shows a Democratic donkey trying to hold back the Trump train. The altered version puts CNN’s logo over the donkey’s head and adds text which says, “Fake news can’t stop the trump train.”

Original cartoon by IndyStar cartoonist Gary Varvel.

“As soon it was noticed, it was immediately deleted,” a White House official told CNN.

After it was removed, the user wrote, “We’ve become so PC, people can’t even enjoy humor anymore. Gone are the days of #WileyCoyote.”

The Indianapolis Star says the image was altered without their knowledge or permission.

“We don’t know who altered Gary’s original cartoon but we’re looking into it,” said Jeff Taylor, Editor and Vice President for news of The Indianapolis Star and “The cartoon was altered without anyone’s knowledge or permission at the Star.”

The President has used Twitter in the past to go after CNN. In July, a 28-second video of a WWE broadcast was posted. The video was edited to show Trump beating up a man with a CNN logo on his face.

The CNN Wire contributed to this report.

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