Authorities still searching for alleged MS-13 gang member with ties to Indianapolis

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind.-- The federal government says 13 alleged members and associates of the MS-13 gang have been arrested and charged in Ohio and Indiana.

MS-13, formally La Mara Salvatrucha, is a multi-national criminal organization composed primarily of immigrants or descendants of immigrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. The organization’s leadership is based in El Salvador, where many of the gang’s high-ranking members are imprisoned.

Prosecutors say a federal grand jury charged ten individuals with conspiracy to commit extortion, conspiracy to commit money laundering, and use of a firearm during a crime of violence.

“MS-13 is an incredibly violent gang, that’s its calling card. In fact the motto of the gang is kill, rape, and control," U.S. Attorney for the Ohio southern District Benjamin Glassman said.

Jose Martin Nectaly Aguilar-Rivera, 32, and Jose Manuel Romero-Parada, 22 are the two suspects with ties to Indianapolis.

Authorities announced the arrests Tuesday. They said five other individuals were arrested and charged in criminal complaints with federal immigration-related crimes.

Two of the 15 charged by the grand jury are still at large, including Romero-Parada.

The government says El Salvador-based MS-13 consists chiefly of immigrants or descendants of immigrants from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Authorities say the gang has more than 10,000 members and associates operating in at least 40 states, including Ohio.

“The good news is what we’re doing here today taking the first steps federal law enforcement, as well as our local partners to completely dismantle this organization and bring its members here in the Columbus area to justice,” Glassman said.

The United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of Ohio says these ten defendants are charged in the indictment:

Name Also Known As Age City
Jose Martin Neftali Aguilar-Rivera Momia, Pelon 32 Columbus, Ohio/ Indianapolis, Ind.
Pedro Alfonso Osorio-Flores Smokey 38 Columbus, Ohio
Juan Jose Jiminez-Montufar Chele Trece 33 Columbus, Ohio
Isaias Alvarado Cabo 44 Columbus, Ohio
Cruz Alberto-Arbarngas Cruzito 30 Columbus, Ohio
*Jose Manuel Romero-Parada Russo 22 Fugitive – Indianapolis, Ind.
Jose Salinas-Enriquez Martillo 32 Dayton, Ohio
Jorge Cazares Veneno 37 Columbus, Ohio
Jose Ramiro Aparicio-Olivares Flaco 42 Columbus, Ohio
*Nelson Alexander Flores Mula 46 Fugitive – whereabouts unknown

These five defendants are facing charges for immigration offenses:

Name Also Known As Age City
Antonio Galdamez-Figueroa Pinochio 29 Columbus, Ohio
Juan Pablo Flores-Castro Duende 29 Columbus, Ohio
Jorge Alberto Landaverde Grenas 33 Columbus, Ohio
Juan Jose Alvarenga-Alberto Sailen 27 Columbus, Ohio
Marvin Otero-Serrano Vaca 31 Columbus, Ohio

Anyone who believes they are a victim of the alleged MS-13 extortion in Columbus is asked to call the anonymous tip hotline at 614-849-1765.

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