Audio documents dispatchers’ attempts to save Southport officer’s life

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. – The first indications that tragedy was about to unfold on Indianapolis’ south side last Thursday was a line item on IMPD’s computer-aided dispatch system.

“2 VEH…AOW…CAR FLIPPED” read the entry at 2:39 p.m., followed by an automated run dispatched by the Indianapolis Fire Department.

“Medic 23. Madison Avenue and Maynard Drive. Vehicle accident. 13:42 hours,” was the robotic alert on the IFD dispatch radio system.

Within minutes, Southport Lt. Aaron Allan was fatally wounded while trying to rescue Jason Brown from his overturned car.

“Dispatch from Engine 23,” called in a firefighter.

“Engine 23,” was the dispatcher’s response.

“Go ahead and send us a medic. We got a police officer shot.”

Investigators found that Brown allegedly shot Allan 11 times at point blank range, once in the heart, as the lawman crawled into the inverted 2004 BMW and try to calm the driver who was still strapped in his seat.

Two officers returned fire and wounded Brown.

Today’s postponed initial hearing so that Brown might hear the murder and marijuana charges he faces was again delayed because of surgery to repair his bullet-damaged jaw, according to family members.

Brown is rescheduled to go to court next Wednesday.

Lt. Allan will be buried Saturday.

“Officer is struck, suspect is still out and about,” reported one first responder, reflecting the confusion caused by the chaos of the crash and the shooting.

“The one who is in the car is Jason Evans,” said another officer, misidentifying the driver. “Jason Evans is in the car. The car is upside down. He’s in it.”

By 3:05 p.m., approximately 23 minutes after the shooting, the IMPD CAD correctly identified Jason Brown as the driver, referring to the tattoo artist’s “INKMAN” personalized license plate.

Meanwhile, arriving officers radioed requests for information.

“Can we get a condition on Southport 10, please?” asked an officer, referring to Allan’s radio call sign.

“Let me know if we got a bad guy out,” inquired an arriving officer. “I’ll need a description.”

“Control, second suspect is in custody,” reported an officer on the scene, referring to Brown’s passenger who was questioned and later released.

“We got a firearm in the vehicle,” said a policeman, referring to Brown’s nine millimeter pistol with an empty magazine that was discovered on the ceiling of the overturned car. “It’s gonna need a gun liaison for it.”

A crime lab specialist was on the way.

“Everybody heads up. The ambulance is leaving,” an officer announced.

“Homicide in route and I’m current at Eskanazi,” radioed an officer who would await Allan’s arrival at the hospital while detectives rushed to the shooting scene.

“Second medic heading to the hospital right now,” a firefighter reported, “as the suspect has also been shot.”

“We want the city streets blocked and if you have a copter that can run it, have them run it, please,” said an officer, calling for a clear path for the ambulances from Homecroft to the hospital near downtown Indianapolis.

All the while, as officers and firefighters struggled to understand what happened and rush their wounded colleague to the emergency room, another voice headed for the scene chimed in on the radio.

“As soon as somebody gets there, we need to establish Incident Command and we need to find out what’s going on so no one else gets hurt.”

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office has requested the sheriff’s office not make its dispatchers available to CBS4 to recount their response to the crisis and provide context to the radio reports contained in this story.

Following visitation at Crown Hill Funeral Home Friday afternoon, Lt.  Allan’s funeral service will begin Saturday at 11 a.m. at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse. The funeral will be followed by a procession through Southport before the father of two is buried at the Crown Hill Cemetery.

More than 50 Marion County sheriff’s deputies will line the processional route or patrol Indianapolis’ south side Saturday as fellow officers attend Allan’s services.

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