Urban Vines brings award-winning local wine to Hamilton County as Westfield’s only winery

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WESTFIELD, Ind. – When you think of great award-winning wine, you may immediately think of destinations like Napa and Sonoma in California. But only months into opening, Urban Vines is already making a name for itself. As Westfield’s only winery, Urban Vines is helping make Hamilton County a destination for wine lovers.

With top-quality wines and options like hard ciders, honey mead, and frozen wine shushies, it’s not hard to see why Yelpers have flocked to their location at 303 East 161st Street in Westfield for wine tastings, delectable charcuterie boards, and the relaxed atmosphere.

“I love turning hobbies into businesses so I was like “Oh, we’ll try that. Let’s make a winery,” said Urban Vines owner, Noah Herron.

After enjoying wine making on his own for almost 9 years, he decided to bring his passion to the place he called home—Westfield—which surprisingly didn’t have any wineries until he opened Urban Vines this past May.

“There’s not a real winery within 15 miles of us. There’s a brewery in Westfield but it is downtown so it’s kind of the opposite side of town as us,” he said.

Based on the reaction, the community here was more than ready to welcome them with open arms.

“We have almost met our two year revenue goal in the first 6 weeks. We already met our one year,” says Herron.

A big part of their success has been in their quality (and affordable) wines. With their vast selection, it’s easy to pick at least one favorite.

“We have 14 varietals right now. The most recent one we just bottled last week is our blackberry. It’s been our number one seller since we bottled it. We have a rose that’s really popular on a warm day,” Herron says.

Another best seller is their Pinot Grigio, which recently won a gold medal at the Indy International Wine Competition.

If you can’t decide, just $5 lets you enjoy a wine tasting of 5 one ounce pours.

“We kind of ask people what their palette is. most people know if they like dry or sweet and that’s kind of how we start off and white or red and kind of let people select the different selections we have and hopefully a couple or one get a glass or a bottle of it and take a bottle home,” he says.

Four Things You Need to Know:

  • 1: They have a special wine cellar room perfect for small, private events like bridal showers and birthdays. It seats 16 people and overlooks  the tasting room. The best part: It’s only $25/hr to rent the space.
  • 2: They offer trivia nights and live music every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night. So there’s always something new to experience.
  • 3: They are the only winery/vineyard in Westfield, Indiana.
  • 4: Yelpers recommend joining the Urban Vines Wine Club to receive bottles of wine, great discounts, and enjoy four free tastings each year.

But what’s great wine without a charcuterie board? Here, you can even customize yours.

“We do it a bit differently, we have slips of paper that people can select what cheeses what meats, breads, olives, jams, jellies, stuff like that,” he says.

They try to incorporate lots of local products which, according to Brittany Smith of Yelp Indy, has really given Yelp reviewers more reason to appreciate this local business.

“[They use] Smoking Goose meats on there, Batch No. 2 mustard, a lot of staples like that, that are great Hoosier businesses that you can find under one roof right here,” Smith says.

They even use local honey from Hamilton County to make their meade, as well as local apples to make their hard cider on tap.

On a hot day, you have to try their wine slushies.

“Wine slushies are kind of like an up and coming trend and I was like “We have to do that.” So we purchased one, it came a few days later, so we put some blackberry wine and our rose and they are both really good,” says Herron.

One unique thing about Urban Vines is that they are kid-friendly. They have a jungle gym outside, as well as seating for 60 people on their back patio, so parents can sit out back and enjoy a glass of wine while their kids play.

You can check out Urban Vines on Yelp or on their website for more information. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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