Dozens of road closures impacting Hamilton County this month

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HAMILTON COUNTY, Ind. -- Drivers have been dealing with traffic headaches in Hamilton County for months, and it's only going to get worse. Dozens of new road closures will start this month, impacting commutes.

At different times in August, Hamilton County will have 17 different road closures. Thirteen of them are in Carmel.

Mayor Jim Brainard said he understands the frustrations with road closures, but knows the long-term impact will be more efficient and safer for everyone on the road.

"A lot of them are roundabouts. We're also making a lot of storm drain improvements and in some cases we’re putting medians in the road to make them safer," Mayor Brianard said.

With the school year just kicking off, Brainard says the school system has plans in place to find alternate routes. So do police and fire departments when responding to emergencies.

"All these organizations have alternative routes to get where they need to be," Brainard said.

Brainard also said the city placed signs at intersections scheduled to be closed 2 weeks before construction begins. He also said they won't have too many intersections closed at once on specific roads. For example, on Gray Rd. Brainard said they won't begin construction on additional roundabouts until the first one is complete.

Many of the projects in Carmel will eventually help improve traffic flow for people who live on the West side. At 116th St. and Hazel Dell, the city is hoping the improvements to that road will help with congestion when commuters travel to and from work along US 31.

The Hamilton County Sheriff's Office sent out a warning on their Facebook page, asking drivers to be cautious of the closures and not become distracted when driving through construction zones. According to the sheriff's office these are the closures in Hamilton County:

  • 116th / Towne Rd: closing Mon. July 31 for approximately 45 days
  • 136th / Gray Rd: possibly completed and re-opened Aug. 9-11
  • 116th / Hazel Dell: possibly to be open by Aug. 14
  • 126th / Gray Rd: will close immediately following the opening of 116th / Hazel Dell for approximately 45 days
  • River Rd between Community Dr. and 146th St: closing immediately following the opening of 116th / Hazel Dell until Thanksgiving
  • 4th St SE between Rangeline Rd and 1st Ave SE: closing Aug. 7 (intersection remaining open)
  • 4th St SE / Rangeline Rd: closing Aug. 14 for approx. 30 days (full closure)
  • Guilford Rd / Carmel Dr: possibly opening Aug. 20
  • Guildford Rd / City Center Dr: closing immediately following the opening of Guilford / Carmel Dr. for approximately 45 days
  • Towne Rd south of 106th approx. 9900 blk: closing Aug. 14 for a few days for sewer connection
  • Executive Dr / Rangeline Rd: will close following the completion of 4th St SE / Rangeline Rd
  • Spring Mill Rd: closed just south of 106th, 111th to 116th, and 116th to W Main.
  • 96th St- Keystone to River: more information coming in the near future
  • Towne Rd just north of 146th St: closing Aug. 7 for approximately 60 days between 146th and 151st (intersection remaining open)
  • 146th Street east and west of SR 37: temporary lane restrictions, Aug. 3 and 4, 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
  • 276th St. between US 31 and Anthony Rd: closed until mid-October
  • 136th St. at Prairie Baptist Rd: intersection closed until September​

For more on Carmel's construction, click here.

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